I tell fairytales, folktales, legends, myths and my own stories for children and adults. Usually I accompany the stories with songs and music. Sometimes other musicians join in. But the main influence on my storytelling is You, the audience: The very uniqueness of the moment we have come to share!


I tell in German, Swiss-German, English, Spanish and Dutch.


You may want me to work on a certain theme or perform a story You have in mind. But there is also the possibility to book an already existing program.

  • Along the River Rhine

  • Of giants, gnomes and goblins

  • Legends of the Saints: Anna, Mary, George and Martin

  • Celtic Fairy Tales

  • Stories from around the world

  • Creation Myths

  • We all come from the Goddess (for women in particular)

The programs are usually suited for children (from age 4) and adults, they last for about 45 minutes. Please contact me for more information. 

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