Many people can no longer identify with ceremonies suggested by the church. But there is the need to come together and bring life's transitions into consciousness by encompassing and celebrating them in one way or another. Preparing a ceremony, I let myself be led by Your wishes and Your visions. I will accompany You as an advisor throughout the entire process of discussing and finding forms, sequences and spaces that seem right for Your individual event/cause, .

Being the granddaughter of a protestant vicar and the daughter of a undenominational ceremony-master I kind of grew into this work. As a child and adolescent I have whitnessed and experienced many seasonal celebrations and initiation rites. Later on I gathered more experiences and studied the meaning of these so called "Rites of Passage". Since 2017 I am frequently asked to hold ceremonies as different as weddings, baptisms funerals etc. Thereby I integrate my musical repertoire as well as my knowledge of stories and different lyrical and spiritual texts.

For Your Attention: 

  • An initial, non-committal meeting or talk via Skype or phone are always possible. I am accesible during the entire preparation of Your ceremony. Vice versa I will also feel free to contact You during this time. Like that we stay in touch and make sure our conversation evolves!

  • I am happy to connect You with other musicians and may help You find the perfect place for Your ceremony.

  • A ceremony can be held in German, Swiss-German, English, Spanish, Dutch or French. It is also possible to book a multilingual ceremony. 

  • For more information about the Rites of Passage I offer, please check the German version of this page or just get in touch with me.

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